San Francisco Artist Mark D. Powers

For more than 30 years Mark’s drawings, paintings, and sculptures have been collected and shown in exhibits across North America. He exhibits frequently, and sells originals and multiples directly.

Mark welcomes discussions about collaborations, commissions, exhibit opportunities, and gallery or consultant representation.

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A prolific and award winning self-taught artist, Mark has developed a characteristic style that is easily recognizable across a variety of artistic approaches: from realism to surrealism and abstract expressionism to dadaism, and media including ink, paint, sculpture, clay, stone, and more.

Mark’s creative process is often achieved through stream of consciousness — an attempt to convey (usually in one sitting) what’s boiling around in his brain, and to give it some kind of meaning through line, form, color, and composition.

Click HERE to see some of Mark’s available recent works.

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Follow Mark on Instagram