New Stone Eggs!

Black marble egg, hand etched with a carbide scribe, then filled in with gold wax pigment.


This next piece is a real gem!  The two-piece vessel is milled by hand from soapstone.  I then applied black ink to the exterior and used a scribe to carefully scrape away the ink to reveal the stone.

First Egg of Ostara

Happy Spring 2018!  Here is my very first egg of Ostara 2018. He will be placed somewhere in San Francisco today, where he may be discovered and find his way to a new home.



Ostara 2018

Each year I produce several eggs that I hide around San Francisco as part of a Spring ritual known as Ostara.


These are empty chicken eggshells, decorated with ink and broken car glass that I recovered from SF’s streets (owed to smash and grabs).  The next step is to add a finding to the top, and then bust out my quil and ink to get into some detail work.  I finish each egg with clearcoat, add some silk hanging chord, and they’re done!



Free Art Fridays SF!!!

today’s drop:  SOMA!

Free Art Fridays take place around the globe as a means to share art with the public.   


It’s the art anti-market — neither about money nor marketing.  

While it may sound a bit corny, I got “paid” while experiencing making the piece. I certainly don’t need to collect my work, either!  Let it live elsewhere...that’s actually more meaningful to me than anything. 


Get it while can.



Prepare for the Year of the Dog!

Soon the year of the dog will begin, and I'm once again inspired. 

I've gathered all of my reference photos for a series of pieces featuring the lovable dogs I've met on a certain local patio.  You can see the first YOTD piece HERE.

Meanwhile, here's one from 5 years ago that I enjoy.  Hope you will too.


SuperBadBlueBlood Eclipse

The inevitable moment when flow stems, chord severs.

Light snuffed, vision eclipsed.

Return trip voided, baby.


Super Moon. Blue Moon. Eclipsed Moon.  1-31-2018 4:10 am pst
(the poem refers to glaucoma and blindness) 
11"x14" markers on paper
San Francisco

Public Mural - Temporary Art

I had an opportunity to get involved in an awesome February art project at the Lone Star Saloon. I’m honored to have been invited to sling paint with the likes of Charlie and Ricky.

It's about five feet tall, with a latex paint base and acrylic paint markers.  The piece was designed to stand alone minimalistically, so that it will work in collaboration with Steve Pi’s rather amazing video artistry.  The idea is to display various video sequences across it.  I can't wait to see what Steve will do with it this Wednesday 01/31/2018 (starts at 7pm)!

This was a super fun project conceived by Charlie and made real through collaboration.  What a completely pure experience!

Thanks again, Charlie, for the invitation.


Several base coats of latex were applied until it was just right (and we ran out of light grey paint).

Fellow artist and inspiration Charlie.  He owns the jurnt, and this whole thing was his idea.

Fellow artist and inspiration Charlie.  He owns the jurnt, and this whole thing was his idea.


Here is my temporary tattoo-head!  We used a projector to speed up the process.  The piece was done in one afternoon.  We left off most of the contour lines in order to leave a video canvas.


Here is the finished mural with no video.  It will be up on the wall through the month of February 2018.


See it live at the Lone Star Saloon - 1354 Harrison Street 94103.