Mark with his bike (2003 VSCRA) in San Francisco

Photo: Mark i. Chester

The Artist Mark D. Powers

Mark has been making art his entire life.  Born in the liberal college town of Eugene, Oregon, Mark was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by nature and creativity. He was drawn to artists, musicians, and nature, and everything they had to offer.  

A prolific artist, Mark has exhibited nationally in more than 100 group and solo gallery shows.  He has curated exhibits, managed galleries, and served on the board of several arts organizations.

Today, Mark enjoys a daily practice of making art at the crack of dawn in San Francisco.  He participates in exhibits occasionally upon request, and sells his work through select galleries.

Mark contributes annually to art auctions such as ART FOR AIDS, and launched Free Art Fridays San Francisco, the local arm of a worldwide movement aimed at sharing/giving art freely.

Wholesale Inquiries Welcome.