My purpose in the world is to create art.  The process and technique behind the “doing” is primary.  The art, the results, are secondary. That’s why you will see me constantly changing media and methods, applying years of study and daily practice toward a (non)mastery of multiple techniques.

And whether it’s the materials or the methods, Chance is an essential part of my process. Random acts of mark-making challenge me to look beyond the obvious image or form, and go exploring…like taking a vacation without planning the trip. The resulting work is more playful and fun, which is where I prefer to dwell.

San Francisco based artist Mark D. Powers is inspired by the blank slate, the joy of found art materials, and the allure of untried art techniques.  

You can see Mark’s characteristic voice across a broad range of works including sculpture, etched stones, paintings, and assemblages.

His ink drawings and paintings often begin with random marks that he continues to make until evocative images emerge.

Mark’s works in sculpture and assemblage are most often about transforming street-found materials, such as car glass and traffic cones, into more worthwhile art objects.


Mark has been involved in the visual arts field for more than thirty years as an artist, curator, and community arts organizer.

As a young military officer, he had his first show in 1991 in Washington DC. Throughout the 1990s, in Detroit, Mark was Board Member and President of Artist’s Cooperative, The, (ACT) in Detroit, a decade’s old non-profit artist group that operated a gallery space and held numerous local exhibits, including the annual International Detroit Salon Show. Mark had numerous solo and group shows during this period. He also Co-Founded DEGA (Detroit Gallery Alliance) and helped establish the DAC (Detroit Art Corridor) - both of which organized gallery crawls, Art At Lunch events, Detroit Gallery Guides, and more. Mark was also privileged to serve as a jurist for the Detroit Art Council Annual Artist Grant Program.

In late 2018, after successful careers in marketing, homebuilding, and adult entertainment production, Mark began making art full-time from his home in San Francisco’s South of Market warehouse district.

Select Exhibits:

  1. 2019 - The Dirty Dozen - Ink Drawing - Invitational Exhibit to support Alliance Health Project, San Francisco

  2. 2019 - National Juried Exhibit - Acrylic Painting. Chico Art Center (July 2019), Chico, CA.

  3. 2019 - Internationally Juried Exhibit “PROUD+” (July 2019) - Ink Drawing on Bristol. The Studio Door, San Diego, CA

  4. 2019 - Urban landscape paintings. URB three person show. DaDa Art Gallery and Bar, San Francisco.

  5. 2018 - Dog portraits. Solo show.  Paintings. Lone Star Saloon gallery wall, San Francisco

  6. 2018 - Collaboration.  Bleached denim skull with video mapping.  Lone Star Saloon gallery wall. San Francisco

  7. 2018 - Collaboration.  Salvador Dali mural with video mapping.  DaDa Art Bar. San Francisco

  8. 2018 - Large mandala on paper.  Art For Aids juried auction. Sold at auction.  San Francisco

  9. 2017 - Prints on canvas.  Sold out solo show. Lone Star Saloon gallery wall, San Francisco

  10. 2016 - Ink drawing.  Art for Aids juried auction.  Sold at auction. San Francisco

  11. 2015 - Etched soapstone eggs.  Back to the Picture. San Francisco

  12. 2015 - Resin and car glass skull. Art For Aids juried auction.  Sold at auction. San Francisco

  13. 2014 - Etched marble egg.  Art For Aids juried auction.  Sold at auction. San Francisco

  14. 2013 - Resin and car glass skull.  Structure group show. Arc Gallery, San Francisco

  15. 2013 - Car glass sculptures.  Hello Artspan! Back to the Picture, Mission.  San Francisco

  16. 2010 - Upcycled skateboards.  Skate This Art. San Francisco

  17. 2008 - Ink drawings.  Solo show. Moby Dick’s.  San Francisco

  18. 2008 - Ink Drawings. Fetish Lexicons. Group Show. MChester Studio Gallery. San Francisco.

  19. 1995 - Drawings, Paintings and Sculpture. Solo Exhibit. ACT Gallery, Detroit.

  20. 1994 - Ink Drawings. Trapper’s Gallery. Group Show. Detroit

  21. 1991 - Ink Drawing. “6X6 Group Show” at Foundry Gallery. Washington, DC


photo credit Joshua Weishaar

photo credit Joshua Weishaar

Mark welcomes discussions about collaborations, commissions, exhibit opportunities, and other representation.

Did you see something you like of Mark’s that’s not featured on this website? Reach out to Mark: studio@markdpowers dot com.

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