New Painting - and gosh darn it, people like me

You are beautiful. Are you beautiful?

The coat hanger hook floats a question mark above both phrases, as if to ask, “Well?”


I like the self-affirmation of this piece and the question, which asks as much, “Are you being beautiful?” as it’s asking if you think you ARE beautiful.

This painting is a bit of a sidelong glance at fashion and appearance, intending to evoke a sense that we are more than what we wear…are still beautiful despite the garments. I’m sure it’s coincidental, but have you never noticed that clothes hangers are question marks?

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Abstract Painting in Progress

After several focused weeks creating representational paintings, it feels great to work loosely and abstractly.  

Here’s a 24x20 acrylic piece on panel that I’m purposely keeping loose.  I’m kind of chasing after whatever it’s going to be, which is a total blast!


Meet The Artist(s) - Thursday March 7, at DaDa

To coincide with First Thursday gallery hopping this month, and for those of you who could not make last week’s opening, Steve Piasecki and I  will be at DaDa (click here) for a meet and greet with visitors to our group exhibit “URB”. 

WHERE & WHEN:  DaDa Gallery Bar - 65 Post Street Thursday night from 5-7pm. 

The exhibit features works by local artists Steve Piasecki, Ricky Mendia, and yours truly.  Come enjoy urban art, photographs, a very unique video installation, and  my new painting series (click here to see)

The show runs through April 15 at DaDa Gallery Bar  --  65 Post Street, San Francisco.


URBan Lan D Scapes

I am filled with gratitude and humility for the enormous show of support last night!  What a great turnout.

The show looks wonderful, with work from Steve Piasecki, Ricky Mendia, and yours truly.  It runs through mid-April.  Visit Dada Bar at 65 Post Street, San Francisco.


Here are shots of my pieces in-situ.


Here I am on the way to install the show last week. 


URB - Urban Landscapes - Threeway Show March 1, 2019

I am super excited to announce my upcoming exhibit of five new paintings! They’ll be part of a three-person show at San Francisco’s art bar, DaDa Bar.

The show includes three distinct exhibits focused on contemporary urban landscapes, rendered using various creative approaches such as street art, video, photography, and painting.

On view will be this 20X24 painting I just finished of Thee Parkside. Come to the show to see what else we have in store! It’s a bar, which is fun enough, and we’ll have a cool DeeJay, so stop by and hang out with friends and see some cool new art for 2019.

7 to 10 pm - March 1

65 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94104


New Series - Urban Landscapes

Here is a newly started piece - an acrylic palette knife painting - the first of several paintings in progress, for a February show in San Francisco!  This one is of THEE Parkside, an infamous dive music bar in SF, before the new buildings surround it.


new construction currently in progress


cranes are a dominant feature in this series

Bjorn to Be Bad


This knife painting of Bjorn was fun to paint. He’s a new acquaintance with an adorable disposition I thought worthy of capturing in his youthful state. 

I began with single knife-strokes of thick-bodied paint, with no blending whatsoever. Because I mixed my colors loosely (from red, blue, yellow, and umber), you can see the raw colors streaking through each stroke. I used a limited palette to keep things harmonious. These strokes formed a base upon which I blocked out the shape of Bjorn, then applied small stalagmite-like dots and dashes to help simulate a mottled concrete surface. It ended up looking more like a galaxy than a patio, and because I loved the effect, I kept it. I then laid in the details of Bjorn’s fur, building him up sculpturally so that he floats in the galaxy. I intentionally left off his shadow, which would have made him look more like a panda bear, and less like he’s floating in space dreamily gnawing on a rawhide treat.

See it in person through November:

Lone Star Saloon

1354 Harrison St

SanFrancisco, CA 94103

Here’s some detail of the finished piece.  Scroll down to see the painting in progress. 


lots of fun texture! 

New Solo Exhibit - Patio Dogs

I’m delighted to announce my current solo exhibit running through the first week of December.  For this show I did six knife-paintings of dogs I’ve encountered via the patio at the Lone Star Saloon.


These are 20”x 20” acrylic paintings on panels. My sculptural approach to these pieces relies on thick-bodied paint applied with a palette knife in many layers. From 10 feet away or more, I want the paintings to look like the dogs I’m portraying, but as you get closer, they should fall apart into unrecognizable shapes made from lots and lots (and lots) of tiny knife strokes.


I chose to paint dogs because they’re awesome, and it’s the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese calendar.  Almost every year I produce a few themed pieces based on the Chinese Zodiac. 

I am incredibly grateful to the Lone Star Saloon for honoring me with the gift of a show.  Please stop in, buy a drink, and check out my paintings (and their killer patio). 

Lone Star Saloon

1354 Harrison St

SanFrancisco, CA 94103


Bjorn to Be Bad Portrait

Work in Progress - this is the underpainting (a rendering of the patio surface at the Lone Star Saloon), upon which I will paint a portrait of Bjorn, a new Patio Dog who has found a home at the Star.  This piece is part of a series for my upcoming solo show, which will take place at said Star in November.  acrylic on panel - 20x20”



here is the under-underpainting