New Solo Exhibit - Patio Dogs

I’m delighted to announce my current solo exhibit running through the first week of December.  For this show I did six knife-paintings of dogs I’ve encountered via the patio at the Lone Star Saloon.


These are 20”x 20” acrylic paintings on panels. My sculptural approach to these pieces relies on thick-bodied paint applied with a palette knife in many layers. From 10 feet away or more, I want the paintings to look like the dogs I’m portraying, but as you get closer, they should fall apart into unrecognizable shapes made from lots and lots (and lots) of tiny knife strokes.


I chose to paint dogs because they’re awesome, and it’s the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese calendar.  Almost every year I produce a few themed pieces based on the Chinese Zodiac. 

I am incredibly grateful to the Lone Star Saloon for honoring me with the gift of a show.  Please stop in, buy a drink, and check out my paintings (and their killer patio). 

Lone Star Saloon

1354 Harrison St

SanFrancisco, CA 94103