Public Art Collaboration at DADA

It seems a crew has formed from February’s heart collaboration!  Our new project takes us to DADA bar, thanks to video artist Steve Pi.  He invited us to collaborate on a Salvador Dali mural, upon which he will project video adaptations of various themes, including Dali paintings and his own unique sequences.  

The mural is part of a larger show that opens Tuesday, April 24 at DADA, featuring killer oil paintings by Larry Spenler and Juan Manuel.

Dada bar launches new local-artist shows each month — these are some of the strongest bodies of work you’ll ever see, in a space that exerts enormous energy into putting original contemporary art in front of a smart audience.  Think about it...the bar is called DADA, so you're going to get some unconventional, yet seriously world class artwork flowing across the bar's walls.  

It’s also one hell of a cool joint — a great place to hang out and see some art.

Check them out!

Exhibit Info: