Tabula Rasa - Painting Season

I’ve worked with lots of different media over the past several decades:  ink, paint, wine, coffee, wax, and more.  

While I tend to gravitate toward the comfortable familiarity of ink drawings on paper, I also know pushing my artistic boundaries is a worthwhile undertaking — if not an essential part of a healthy balanced creative breakfast.

So, I’ve committed (and challenged) myself to mount a solo show of original acrylic paintings in November!

Painting, it’s not for the lazy.  I am rediscovering how much work goes into doing it right!  From choosing archival quality materials and prepping the substrate, to developing the patience for new systems of production (drying time, curing time, cleaning brushes...).

I’m finding these liberating constraints to be wonderfully refreshing!  I’m also learning to appreciate the forgiving nature of paint (it’s pretty tough to cover up a stray ink mark on paper, but with paint, it takes merely another swipe of the brush).  But painting also requires different skills, so I have to actually THINK about each strike a bit more.  This staged process forces me to live with each step, as opposed to the immediacy of finishing a drawing in one sitting.  

I’m really excited to dip brushes again especially for a larger body of work.


20”x16” - titanium white base layer, on primed and gessoed birch panel, with 2” cradle.