New Painting On Exhibit

You are beautiful. Are you beautiful?


This piece has been accepted into the Chico Art Center 2019 National Juried Exhibit. Click here: for show details.

The coat hanger hook floats a question mark above both phrases, as if to ask, “Well?”

To produce this piece, I started with a white background, then several layers of transparent chartreuse acrylic paint. I then placed a wooden hanger on the face of the panel and sprayed the entire surface with an eggplant acrylic (from Montana Gold). The rounded edges of the hanger create d a nice overspray effect. I then busted out my sign painting skills and did my best to accommodate the rough surface.

I like the self-affirmation of this piece and the question, which asks as much, “Are you being beautiful?” as it’s asking if you think you ARE beautiful.

This painting is a bit of a sidelong glance at fashion and appearance, intending to evoke a sense that we are more than what we wear…are still beautiful despite the garments.

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