Mandala One - Inkjet Print on Canvas


Mandala One - Inkjet Print on Canvas

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Mandalas are typically Buddhist or Hindu spiritual symbols that represent the entirety of the universe.  For me they are purely meditative works.  They sometimes calm and soothe, and they sometimes reflect chaos, disharmony, or imbalance.  They always seem to map the left and right sides of my brain together in such a way that something new bubbles to the top of my thought process.

It's this very balance/imbalance that I explore in my mandalas.  How asymmetrical can I make them and still have them appear balanced to the naked eye?  Can I use clashing colors to create movement?  What feelings does it evoke when I stray from the expected repeating patterns?  

With very few exceptions, my mandalas are freehand, using no compasses or other tools to measure out exact dimensions.  This approach fits my artistic style in general - more a cathartic stream of consciousness than anything carefully planned.

18" X 24" Inkjet print on eco-solvent canvas

Shipped rolled (not stretched and mounted)

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